Diamonds, Bikinis And Butt-Grabs: 50 Reasons Why Rihanna Unapologetically Dominated 2012


50 Ways Rihanna Dominated 2012

After her pantsless 2011, we thought that things couldn’t get any better for Rihanna. Damn, were we wrong! The singer made 2012 her best year ever with new songs, new albums, new hair, new drama, but the same DGAF attitude that we’ve come to know and love. So to recap her mindblowing last 12 months, we’ve assembled the 50 reasons why Riri dominated 2012. It’s a lot more than her being pantsless, that’s for sure! Well, OK, we do have some pics of her without pants…

50. Unapologetic earned Rihanna her first Billboard Number One album! And that’s not all: The landmark music mag also named her the top artist of the last 20 years. Take that, Gaga. All hail Riri!

49. Rihanna was also rollin’ in it this year. She was named one of Forbes highest earning women in entertainment, and she got a sweet Porche from her label Roc Nation valued at over $160,000.

[Photo: Twitter]

48. She was a butt-kicking (and grabbing) kick-off to the 2012 VMAs!


47. She gave another show-stopping performance on Saturday Night Live, where she debuted the gorgeous ballad “Stay” and that bizarro green-screened version of “Diamonds” that we all secretly thought was awesome.


46. She rocked the short hair harder than it has ever been rocked before.

45. She made the cover of GQ’s ‘Men Of The Year’ edition, which is impressive considering she’s not a man.


44. Oh yeah, and she also racked up her second appearance on the cover of US Vogue.


43. Rihanna launched her acting career by hitting the big screen in BattleshipOK, maybe it didn’t do great at the box office, but at least she got to bust a move with Steven Spielberg!

42. She got the James Bond Seal of Approval as Daniel Craig said that she is his Bond Girl Dream Girl. Will she be making an appearance along side 007 anytime soon? We hope so!


41. She got some sweet sweet revenge on her celeb foes. The singer told Piers Morgan to “grow a dick” after he made an unkind comment about her new cropped ‘do, and there were also rumors that she gave herpes to ex (current?) boyfriend Chris Brown. Even though it’s not true, it’s still pretty hilarious.


40. She had a REALLY good time at the Coachella Festival. Maybe a little too good…

[Photo: Twitter]

39. She proved herself to be a tubing champ!

38. She had a private audience with the one and only Oprah. The talk show legend ventured down to Rihanna’s home country of Barbados to film an episode of her new show, Oprah’s Next Chapter.


37. We’ve always known that Riri is a survivor, but this years she took on more than her fair share! In 2012 alone, Rihanna cheated death thanks to a bogus death hoax, made it out of a hotel fire, a hospital stay, and the END OF THE WORLD!

[Photo: Getty/Twitter]

36. Pretty much everyone is in love with her! She even inspired Chris Brown and Drake to wage war in a nightclub in her name. She’s like a pop Helen of Troy!


35. She found a way around being topless in public.

34. She gave journalists (including our very own Janell Snowden) the most wild ride of their lives on her one-of-a-kind 777 tour!


33. She upped her supermodel cred by performing at the annual Victoria’s Secret show alongside Justin Bieber.

[Photo: Getty Images]

32. In fact, her style’s so good, she’s teaming up with Tim Gunn for her very own fashion show, Styled To Rock!

[Photo: Getty Images]

31. Even after all these years, she still gives absolutely zero eff’s about anything. And we love her for it!

[Photo: Twitter]

30-1.Check out the gallery below!

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