We Demand This Krysten Ritter 50 Shades Of Grey Rumor Be True! We Demand It!


Krysten Ritter Rumored For 50 Shades Of Grey

When it comes to wildly anticipated films like 50 Shades of Grey, casting rumors can drag on for months upon months. We’ve heard everyone from Alex Pettyfer to Tom Hardy mentioned for the movie’s male lead Christian Grey. (Our pants have currently settled on Ian Somerhalder as the hoped-for favorite.) As for who should land the part of Anastasia Steele, every brunette A-lister from Kristen Stewart to Emmy Rossum had gotten a mention. At least the rumors about potential Anastasia can stop today, because we just heard the best one of all: Don’t Trust the B—- In Apt. 23‘s Krysten Ritter. Cancel all the other auditions! It’s just going to be a waste of everyone’s time!

Everyone who knows Ritter’s oeuvre knows she can play anything from conniving sociopath to dim-witted teen to sweetheart vampire; there is no way she wouldn’t nail a role this juicy. Krysten helped boost the rumor earlier this morning by retweeting it, declaring “Thanks! i would be down. ;)” Now, we all know sometimes rumors are just planted by a celeb’s publicist to drum up Internet support. If that’s the case with Krysten…then consider us drummed! Get E.L. James on the phone and tell her how drummed we are!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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