American Horror Story: Asylum: Was “The Name Game” Actually An Episode Of Glee?


American Horror Story Asylum Name Game

…And we’re back! Our favorite show, American Horror Story: Asylum went on hiatus over the holidays, leaving us twiddling our thumbs on Wednesday nights without Evan Peters on our screens. We had so many unanswered questions about Briarcliff, Bloodyface and Grace’s baby. Rest assured, our beloved horror show returned last night and progressed the plot line in multiple ways. Sister Jude undergoes electroshock therapy after being diagnosed with manic depression, Grace has Kit Walker’s baby, the Monsignor Timothy O’Hara kills Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden commits suicide to reunite with Sister Mary. Some critics have referred to Ryan Murphy’s AHS as the evil twin of his other show, Glee, and we never felt that way more than after watching last night’s episode. From the dance number to the virginity-losing, Briarcliff was less like an asylum and more like the halls of McKinley High. Here are our favorite Glee-like moments from “The Name Game.”

1.The Name Game – This comparison is by far the most obvious. In the middle of the episode, Lana Winters asks Sister Jude if she knows her own name after receiving electroshock therapy. Without answering Winters, a delirious Sister Jude trudges to the new jukebox in the asylum and selects Shirley Ellis’ classic to play, “The Name Game.” When she plays the song, Sister Jude immediately transforms into a glamorous early ’60s songstress and the bleak patients of Briarcliff get their groove on. Where is Kurt to bust out a showstopper when we need him? While we know this is a dream state and American Horror Story has its absurd moments, we couldn’t help but imagine Ryan Murphy in the writer’s room suddenly deciding to insert a dance number into the episode. Even for AHS, this felt out of place.

2. Freak Like MeGlee partly became popular because we could relate to these social outcast students who let their freak flag fly proudly in the school’s glee club. Rachel Berry nurtured her inner theater geek, Kurt took pride in his sexuality, and Amber wasn’t afraid to be outspoken. Murphy’s same message reverberates throughout this ep. At the beginning of the episode, Dr. Arden inspects Grace’s body in order to understand her mysterious pregnancy. As Grace’s new guardian, the amazing Pepper emerges from the dark and threatens Arden to leave Grace and her baby alone. Instead of the name game, she plays the blame game with Dr. Arden, citing, “That’s how it works with us freaks. We get blamed for everything.” But if Dr. Arden lays one hand on Grace, he will be the only one responsible for her death. Just like Glee, the “freaks” seem to be gaining power.

3. Like a Virgin – Remember the Madonna tribute in season one of Glee? Rachel, Jesse, Finn, Santana, Emma, and Mr. Schuester sang the early Madge hit. “The Name Game” had a much more twisted “first time.” This time, it’s between a priest and the devil, as Sister Mary forces herself onto the Monsignor … not your typical sex scene. As she straddles the priest, she says, “It’s okay. We’re like Adam and Eve. Two innocent children just learning each other’s bodies for the first time.” Are we still at Briarcliff? Or are we really witnessing two high schoolers doing the dirty? By the end of the episode, we were waiting for Sue Sylvester to douse Kit with a slushie.

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