Kim Kardashian Isn’t “Real” Enough For A Jenny Craig Post-Baby Weight-Loss Deal


Kim Kardashian won't be getting an endorsement from Jenny Craig after she has her baby

What a weird (wrong) world we live in when the first thing everyone asks about a pregnant celebrity is who will be paying her to lose her baby weight? But when that celebrity is Kim Kardashian, whose very fame relies on people paying her to live her life, we guess it’s not such an odd thing to speculate about. Which is probably why TMZ went straight to diet companies Medifast and Jenny Craig to see if they were considering a deal with Kim. The answer is nope, ’cause neither companies are interested in famous ladies at the moment.

Though Jenny Craig is still paying Mariah Carey for her post-baby dieting, they told the gossip site that this year’s focus is on “real results for real women.” Which, yeah, we don’t think Kanye West’s baby mama has much of a chance in that category. Better luck with another of the million weight-loss companies out there?

Not that we know Kim is hunting for such a deal. Yesterday, we learned that while Kardashian’s pregnancy will obvs be a part of her TV shows, she and ‘Ye are planning on keeping baby Kimye off the screen (unlike Kourtney’s kids). We’ll see how long that vow lasts!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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