Kristen Stewart Should Join All-Female Ensemble Comedy On Broadway, Based On This V Interview


Kristen Stewart in V Magazine

Every time a magazine has interviewed Kristen Stewart since the events of July, they interpret every single posture and quote in terms of the scrutiny she was under after her dalliance with Rupert Sanders was revealed. And it’s not like we blame them — it was a pretty big deal. Her cover story for the latest issue of V Magazine, for instance, talks about the “slightly feral air to her presence—she’s jumpy and prone to pacing—but all the anxiety is kind of endearing. She’s young and excitable, and having weathered the highs and lows of 2012, she claims to feel stronger than ever before.” But we would also like to point out something else about this interview other than her perceived vulnerability or “emotional force field.” That’s the fact that her future is wide open, and she’s wide open to it.

“Theater is a completely different way of working, but, yeah, I would be very much down,” she says in response to a question about Broadway. And in addition to being excited about the “really fun” script of her grifter comedy Focus, she says she’d really like to find herself in another kind of movie setting: one featuring an ensemble of other young actresses, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Fanning and Amy Adams. “There are so many cool girls out there!”

This sounds like a very cool idea to us too — and why not make that happen ON Broadway first, before transitioning to the screen? Someone, please write this now. Thanks!

[Photo: V Magazine]

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