Watch Twilight’s Bronson Pelletier Do Things Other Than Pee In The Airport


Actually, what we meant to say was, watch Bronson Pelletier pee in the airport, because that is fascinating — really, he pees for an impressively long time, while the security guard and cops don’t really want to get caught in the stream — and THEN consider erasing that image from your mind with other videos of the 27-year-old Canadian actor being a little less intoxicated and a little more adorable/sexy wolf like.

For instance, here he is in a low res clip from his first big role, on the Canadian TV show (2004-2008).

And then you can watch him as werewolf Jared eating muffins and weighing the odds of Jacob vs. Paul in a werewolf fight in New Moon.

Here he is doing what the wolves do best, tease each other, in Eclipse.

And then, in a New Moon junket interview, he jokes with the other guys about marketing a Wolf Pack workout DVD and bottled water, “Because it’s got electrolytes.” Oh, hey, maybe those helped him pee that long in the airport.

In all seriousness, a rep for Pelletier told TMZ that after this incident, in which the actor was charged with public intoxication, he plans on seeking help for his addiction soon.

Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier in New Moon

[Photo: Summit Entertainment]

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