The Evil Dead Red Band Trailer Has Us Hoping The Movie Will Soon Join Our 10 Best Remakes List


Okay, okay. So we don’t actually know if the Evil Dead remake is going to be any good. Remember the Prometheus trailer? That thing is a work of art where as the movie itself…well, it was a work of fart. A true work of fart. As huge Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell fans, we were more than a little leery of an Evil Dead remake, but today’s new (incredibly gory) red band trailer fills us with glee. And by “glee,” we mean “some kind of gross black ooze that slides out of our mouth like a waking nightmare.”

And that ooze got us thinking. From Total Recall to Dredd, there were so many mediocre remakes last year (see also: every movie coming out in the next three years), it’s hard to remember that a lot of remakes are actually really, really good. Don’t believe us? Oh, you silly minxes. Just check out our 10 Best Remakes and know how wrong you are.

10) Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey

You might not have known that 1993’s Homeward Bound was a remake of 1963’s The Incredible Journey, but you probably knew it made you weep so loudly your roommate had to knock on your door to make sure you’re okay. We’re fine! Everything is fine! Michael J. Fox is the finest actor of his time!

9) The Parent Trap

1998’s The Parent Trap was every bit as sweet and adorable as the 1961 original, plus it introduced the world to Lindsay Lohan! Hmm, Freaky Friday was also a remake too… Really makes you think.

8) Piranha 3D

Oh, you don’t think Piranha 3D was a good remake of the 1978 horror movie Piranha? Have you seen both? No? Well then.

7) Rise of the Planet of the Apes

James Franco, a plot rewrite and Andy Serkis as a hyper-intelligent monkey gave new legs to last year’s Apes movie. Maybe it wasn’t exactly a remake per say, but anyone familiar with the Planet of the Apes canon can clearly…you know what? We’ll save this for the message boards.

6) Oceans 11

We’ve actually never seen the 1960 version of the heist movie, but did it have a young Casey Affleck‘s face in it? We don’t think so. Oh, it had both Peter Lawford and Dean Martin‘s face in it? Dang. Hollywood, sometimes you strike gold twice.

5) True Grit

The 2010 Western was famously faithful to the 1969 original, except the part where the Big Lebowski was in it.

4) The Thing

1982’s The Thing was a remake of a 1952 horror movie. So was 2011’s The Thing. Only one of them is particularly good. Somebody should have stopped them at one.

3) The Ring

Do not even pretend you weren’t terrified the first time you saw that little girl crawl out of the TV in 2002’s The Ring, even if you had seen the original Japanese version Ringu four years earlier.

2) Scarface

The excellent 1983 Scarface is actually a remake of a 1932 gangster flick of the same name. It probably didn’t have nearly as much cocaine and spurting blood in the original though. Or maybe it did! We’ll have to get it from the library and see.

1) The Fly

Anyone familiar with Brundle-Fly knows David Cronenberg‘s 1986 version is an excellent update of the 1958 original. To see a man as beautiful as ’80s Jeff Goldblum devolved into a massive insect? There is no greater horror.

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