It’d Be Nice To See A Ryan Gosling Movie Where He Didn’t Get Punched. Only God Forgives Ain’t It.


We all remember what happened to Ryan Gosling‘s character at the end of Drive, don’t we? (He drives up to Heaven, right? Did we interpret that last shot wrong?) The Place Beyond The Pines trailer seems to have the potential for even more violence than that, what with all the bank robbing and the motorcycle death cage and such. Even Blue Valentine left Gosling’s character basically destroyed, albeit in an emotional sense. We were hoping to get a Crazy. Stupid. Love. to break up the brutality of Ryan’s career trajectory, but instead we got the teaser trailer for Only God Forgives, Gosling’s new Thai kickboxing movie. Oh yeah, he’s gonna get punched in the eye for sure.

As short as the teaser is, we only need to see 20 seconds of director Nicolas Winding Refn‘s new thriller to know it is as gritty and teeth-shattering as all of Gosling’s recent films. Did we mention the upcoming movie stars Ryan as a “gym owner who has to take out his brother’s murderer — or perish himself.” Yeah, we wouldn’t blame Ryan if his next film was, say, Smurfs 3: This Time It’s Smurf-onal. Just to give his fists a break.

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