And Here We Thought He Was Just A Sex Idiot: Genius Ryan Lochte Snags E! Reality Show


Ryan Lochte Gets E! Reality Show

When we included Ryan Lochte on our 10 Things We’d Like to Leave Behind In 2012, we were only referring to medal-winning, Speedo-filling, grill-sporting, 30 Rock-cameoing Ryan Lochte. We enjoyed that Ryan Lochte immensely! We just felt like we’d had enough of him. The part of us that selected him as #12 on our 12 Celebs Who Dominated 2012 list must have known something wonderful was a-brewin’. That something is an E! reality show entitled What Would Ryan Lochte Do? You know, like those bracelets that ask What Would Jesus Do? So, so great. We really underestimated this guy. Plus we’re finally going to find out exactly how many pools Ryan has peed in!

“How deep is the pool of Ryan Lochte? It turns out, very deep.” E! wisely asked today while announcing the new six-episode series. The show will follow Lochte in and out of the water as he trains for the 2016 Rio Olympics, as well as manages his fashion line, interacts with his friends and family and (be still our hearts!) spends his spare moments “looking for the right girl.” This man’s life could not be more perfectly-suited for a reality show. Plus you know there’s a cavernous warehouse already filled with Jeah! t-shirts somewhere. E! just saved themselves some money right there.

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