“Damn You, Swift!”: The 15 Best Quotes From Tonight’s People’s Choice Awards


Olivia Munn Gives Taylor Swift Her People's Choice Award

Awards Season 2013 kicked off tonight with the People’s Choice Awards on CBS, and while we didn’t get any nip slips or f-bombs or other kind of flubs, host Kaley Cuoco and a cavalcade of stars kept it moving with some solid banter. From Ellen DeGeneres‘ Mayan prediction to Chris Colfer‘s fanfic shout-out, our favorite gems (other than Sandra Bullock‘s tear-jerking Favorite Humanitarian Award’s speech; we’re not going to try to recapture it) included…

1) Kaley Cuoco: “What can I do to find the action hero inside me?”
Katniss: “You can sell cheese from your goat.”

2) Kaley Cuoco: “I traded all my possessions for 2,000 cans of corn, so I’m ready to work!”

3) (Olivia Munn refused to give up Taylor Swift‘s People’s Choice award.)
Taylor Swift: “This always happens!”
Olivia Munn: “And it will always happen, Taylor. It’s your lot in life.”

4) Adam Levine: “Taylor Swift was super-charming…Damn you, Swift!”

5) Shemar Moore (about asking out Alicia Keys): “She looked me in the eye and said, ‘Listen, son, I appreciate your flirt game, but my man situation is handled.'”

6) Ellen DeGeneres: “It’s 2013, this is my thirteenth People’s Choice Award. It is exactly as the Mayans predicted. So far, they got one right.”

7) Ellen DeGeneres: “I’d like to thank everyone on my team: Melissa Etheridge, Jane Lynch, Wanda Sykes…”

8) Chris Colfer: “It just feels so good to be exploited in your fan fiction!”

9) Kaley Cuoco: “If your dog decides to have diarrhea behind the TV or all over the power cords, let’s keep that between you and your dog.”

10) Jennifer Aniston: “I love the people, I really do.”

11) Adam Sandler’s insane acceptance speech: “Favorite berry: Halle. Favorite apple: Fiona. Favorite watermelon: Steve. Favorite James Bond movie: Forrest Gump…Favorite way to fly: unicorn. Favorite tree: The Tree Stooges.”

12) Jennifer Lawrence, accepting her Favorite Movie Actress Award: “I wish this was like Mean Girls and I could break this up and throw it all out to you, because you’re responsible.”

13) Nathan Fillion: “For the people who voted for me, I agree.”

14) Robert Downey Jr.: “To receive love, you have to give it. So this is me giving love. (Extends arms in amazing silence.) All right, I’m ready to receive.”

15) Chris O’Donnell: “This is actually an accident. I have Clippers tickets? The building is next door, and I went in the wrong entrance and the stage manager grabbed me…so here are your nominees!”

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