Salma Hayek Is Returning For The 30 Rock Finale… Can We Demand Matt Damon Do the Same?


Matt Damon Should Return To 30 Rock

It looks like Tina Fey has heard our fervent prayers and decided to bring back Salma Hayek for the series finale of 30 Rock on January 31. She already answered our prayers that both Nancy Pelosi and Ice-T be somehow included in the episode, which makes us realize we have a lot of extremely weird, hyper-specific prayers. Hayek will be returning as Jack Donaghy’s ex-girlfriend Elisa, the love interest we all known Alec Baldwin should have been with all along. So since we’re bringing back the show’s greatest guest stars, can we please request that Matt Damon return as Liz Lemon’s ex Carol? Because he is obviously who she should have ended up with all along. Please?

It’s not that we don’t like James Marsden‘s character Criss. He and Liz had a lovely, weirdo court house wedding this past November. It’s just that we don’t like James Marsden’s Criss as much as Matt Damon’s weepy, stubborn Carol. Carol and Liz were the perfect match! It’s only because Matt Damon had a bustling film career that his character couldn’t stick around. (No offense, Marsden.) We would be peeved to see Jack end up with his soulmate and Liz stuck with a partner that was not quite as perfect. Then again, apparently Julianne Moore‘s Nancy will also be popping back up in the finale episode. If Tina Fey decides to pair her with Jack and neglects to invite Damon back…well, we wash our hands of this finale entirely! You might as well forget to invite Rachel Dratch while you’re at it!

[Photo: NBC]

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