Finally, A Home For Destiny’s Child GIFs Emerges On Tumblr


It’s Friday, so I can confidently say that this is the best Tumblr of the week, maybe even, of the month. Bold claims, but after Destiny’s Child (aka Beyoncé +2) announced that they were “getting back together” with an album of unreleased remixes and one (1) brand new track, everyone flipped out. Meanwhile, on the cover of said new album, Vanity Fair makes a good point that “the only person on the cover with even a hint of a smile on her face, while Rowland and Michelle Williams look as though they feel slightly betrayed and can’t yet trust again.” Yikes.

Now, a Tumblr has emerged…

Here are the GIFs that need to be reblogged onto the Destiny’s Child Tumblr ASAP, as to make up for lost time:




And the World’s Best Destiny’s Child GIF? Right here:

Go forth and reblog, Children.

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