Something We’re Still Asking: Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?


That’s right, who?

Here are your options.

Is Justin Timberlake having the Best Week Ever?

As much as it pains us to say this, Justin Timberlake just might be having the Best Week Ever. Why? Well his late night ominous tweet containing today’s date and a more specific 9:01 AM (PST!) time slot got everyone’s nostalgic underwear in a twist. Remember the last time Timberlake put out an album? SIX YEARS AGO. Six years ago we didn’t even have Jersey Shore. And now Jersey Shore is over. It was that long ago.

We all sit by our computers, waiting for 9:01 AM (PST!) to roll around and guess what we get? Not a MySpace announcement. Not a single.

A video. A video that goes into a countdown clock. A clock counting down to Sunday. Timberlake trolled us. He’s having a great week.


Is Katherine Webb having the Best Week Ever?

I bet you didn’t know who Katherine Webb was before this week. We didn’t either. But during a football game this week, specifically between Notre Dame and Alabama, the camera lingered a bit too long on the former Miss Alabama. Maybe it was because she’s dating quarterback A.J. McCarron? Maybe it was because the ESPN commentator Brent Musberger just couldn’t talk enough about the quarterback’s one-person cheering squad. Who knows.


Is Ben Affleck having the Best Week Ever?

Hear me out. Sure, after this morning’s Oscar noms were released we discovered that Ben Affleck was snubbed for his directing credit on this year’s Best Picture nom, Argo. A tragedy! How dare they! All the celebs are rightfully pissed. So pissed, in fact, that it’s all they can talk about. Basically, Ben’s snubbing is getting more attention than his nomination probably would have. And that is why he’s having the Best Week Ever.


So, Tell Us:

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