The 20 Best Backstage Moments From The Golden Globes – Jodie Talkin’ KStew, Anne Showing Eddie Redmayne Her Nails, And More!


The Golden Globes press room is a special place. Packed with reporters in black-tie garb munching on chocolate chip cookies and typing away on iPads, it’s where the winners come immediately after grabbing hold of their statues. On the left side of the room is a photo area, and though it’s blocked off, you can hear the shrieks of laughter and excited, wine-fueled revelry. That’s the vibe of the Globes: It’s a party and everyone, even us dorky journalists, are invited. *Pauses to take bite of cookie*

It’s particularly fun getting to watch the stars have their moment and enjoy it, because they are all generally adorable, awkward and open the whole time. Sometimes it gets straight=up weird, but that’s the whole point of the night, right? Here are the 20 Best Backstage Moments From The Golden Globe — a.k.a. the stuff you didn’t get to see but wish you had —- in no particular order. Because really…how could you pick a fave?

  1. Julianne Moore fangirling Tina Fey. “She really did make a difference in the 2008 election,” she told the room, continuing what she said in her acceptance speech.
  2. Christoph Waltz was asked to answer question in German but refused, so “everyone can hear this important answer.” Much appreciated, bro.
  3. Damien Lewis arriving late and dancing a jig — yes, a jig — across the stage as he joins the cast of Homeland.
  4. And… Damien Lewis yelling at reporters in the press room: “Who’s got the pink iPad cover? It’s disgusting!”
  5. Jennifer Lawrence is to goofy what Anne Hathaway is to earnest. Jen got up to the podium and then asked, “What do I do? Wait, sorry. What do I do?”  When she finally figured out why she was in the press room, she said, “Oh come on, ask questions! This is so awkward!”
  6. Adele talking  motherhood: “I’m exhausted. I’ve got eczema from sterilizing bottles.” And no, she’s not revealing his name.
  7.  Anne Hathaway, who is as earnest and sweet and weepy as you imagine, said of Les Mis: “I honestly would have played a musket.” Girlfriend has some solid one-liners in between all that sincerity.
  8.  Anne Hathaway and Quentin Tarantino sharing a hug offstage. Who knows how they know each other, and really, who cares?
  9.  When asked about the controversy over the language in Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino dropped n-bomb, and an awkward silence ensued.
  10. The cure? Don Cheadle, who followed Quentin Tarantino and opened with: “Please, no n****r questions. Black people questions are all right.” Press room laughed wildly. Cheadle wins.
  11. Claire Danes is not getting drunk tonight, but she wishes she was. “It’s a great opportunity for people in different industries to get drunk together,” she said about the Globes. “Not that I’m doing much of that because I have to go upstairs and feed the baby.”
  12.  Claire Danes is also not peeing tonight. “I can’t go to the bathroom unless I take the entire dress off,” she said.
  13. The always adorable Lena Dunham gushing over Jodie Foster‘s speech, calling her “Miss Foster.”
  14.  Did you notice Lena Dunham was walking weird all night? Blame her heels. She said, “It’s a tough gig. I feel like if I was really as brave and reckless as people say the show is, I would wear flats to a thing like this. But clearly I drank the Kool-Aid.”
  15.  Lena Dunham on why she thanked Chad Lowe: “Because Hilary Swank forgot. And I’m an a**hole.”
  16.  Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne hugging onstage as Tom Hooper spoke for the Les Mis cast. Later, Anne showed Eddie her nails and he admired them eagerly. Precious!
  17. George Clooney addressed Ben Affleck‘s career redemption. “We’ve all been in actor jail before. I did Batman and Robin, trust me, I know.”
  18. John Goodman doing a bit where he’d pretend to pose for photos as Clooney and Affleck talked, cracking Bryan Cranston up.
  19. Jessica Chastain on her career: “I once wore a Mickey Mouse costume to girl’s birthday party for $100. Then I thought I was cursed for a while, because even after I got my big break, my movies were stalled.” It’s safe to say the curse has been lifted, eh?
  20. Jodie Foster answered a question about defending Kristen Stewart. She referenced the Twilight star, as well as her peers Claire Danes and Jennifer Lawrence, and said: “I feel very protective of them. Even though I think I’ve managed to get through the process [of being a child star] relatively sanely. … I have my scars. I like to think that I’m part of their family who protects them.”

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