What’s More Depressing? Lindsay Lohan’s New Canyons Clip Or Her Liz & Dick Costar’s Comments?


It’s a trick question! They’re both depressing, not to mention terrifically gauche! After reading that bonkers New York Times Magazine article about the film last week, we were all set to see Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons. (Though…is it even going to be released in theaters? It seems more like The Room than, say, The Sessions.) We liked the idea that Canyons would be be a campy bit of noir, but we are out after seeing the movie’s most recent clip. We have absolutely no interest in seeing anyone shove Lindsay Lohan to the ground and scream insults in her face. Could we honestly follow Lindsay’s sad, tumultuous off-screen life, and then be entertained watching costar James Deen physical and emotionally berate her onscreen? Nope! Oh, and did we mention Lindsay’s extremely labored breathing during most of the clip? Not interested in that darkness, thanks! Call us when they make Freaky Friday 2 and we’ll be the first in line, guaranteed!

Speaking of labored, we also couldn’t help but be kind of bummed by the comments made by Lindsay’s Liz & Dick costar. “Lindsay is not the easiest person I’ve ever worked with, but acting is acting,” Grant Bowler told Celebuzz. “We’re not hired as marketing people or as greeters or as anything else — you’re hired to do a job. I’ve always found it amazing that people expect actors to be wonderful human beings as well as good at their job, because they never expect lawyers to be the same.” Okay…well…at least that’s kind of supportive? Even if it involves explaining how Lindsay Lohan is not a “wonderful human being”? Ugh, this is all so tragic. We’re so down about this, we could watch I Know Who Killed Me and feel markedly better. We really could.

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