Lena Dunham Knows What You Want, And Now She’s Finally Giving It To You


Naked Lena Dunham Kissing Donald Glover On Girls

“You wanted this.”
“I wanted this so bad.”
“And now you’re getting it.”
“And now I’m finally getting it.”
“It’s about f***ing time.”
“It’s about f***ing time.”

Lena Dunham had herself a NIGHT last night, didn’t she? Not only did the series that she created, Girls, win the Golden Globe for Best Television Series: Musical or Comedy, but Dunham herself upset the likes of Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to take home the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series: Musical or Comedy. As momentous as those victories were, perhaps her most triumphant moment of the night came before the opening credits of the Season 2 premiere of Girls on HBO even rolled. We’re referring directly to the image and the dialogue above, in which a naked Lena Dunham is getting down with a naked Donald Glover, giving a not-at-all-subtle “Eff you” to all the critics who blasted her last season for an alleged lack of racial diversity on her show.

At this time last year, Dunham was a virtual unknown with basically only one credit to her name (writer/director/star of the indie film, Tiny Furniture) buoyed by a healthy dose of underground buzz. Her rocket ride to fame took off when Girls premiered on HBO last April, but the backlash against her set in almost immediately. Dunham and the show quickly came under fire for being way too white (Googling “girls lack of diversity” will get you 12.4 million results), accusations which were also often sprinkled with charges that her success was a direct result of nepotism (only 26,300 results there) because her mother, Laurie Simmons, is Art World Famous. The entire first season of the show was already in the can, so there wasn’t much that Dunham could do at the time to combat the charges, other than hit the publicity circuit, that is (her interview with NPR Fresh Air host Terry Gross was particularly memorable).

Well, less than 3 minutes into last night’s Season 2 premiere of the show, Dunham finally got to address the haters in her art. In typical Dunham fashion, she responded to the accusations that she was racist by confronting the taboo head on, popping her top and riding Community star Donald Glover like a bucking bronco. The dialogue of the scene is brilliant in that it can be read as a literal, in flagrante delicto conversation between the coitally joined characters, but it can also be read subtextually as Dunham directly challenging (while also titillating!) her critics. Say what you will about millenial culture and its appeal — it’s probably not too difficult to discern that the author of this post LOVES it — but we can’t think of many other writers/directors/actors who would not only own up to the criticism, but directly address it in such a sly (or is that, overt?) manner as this. Who knows what the future holds for Dunham or her character Hannah Horvath, but there is one thing we know for certain: We wanted this second season of Girls so bad, and we’re glad that it’s finally f***ing time it’s here!

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[Photos: HBO]

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