Taylor Swift’s Sexy Red-Carpet Style: Is She Flashing The Sideboob To Catch A New Man?


Taylor Swift at the People's Choice and Golden Globe Awards

Yes, we are most certainly reading too much into the psychology of Taylor Swift’s red carpet gowns at last night’s Golden Globes and Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards. At the same time, it takes a lot of thought and effort to keep your ladies in place and looking good in a deep-cut V or backless gown, so TSwift had plenty of time to think about what kind of message she was sending. These are sophisticated, sexy looks that remind us she’s a 23-year-old woman, not a teenage pop-tart. So, is this her declaration to the world that she’s done with teenage boys like Harry Styles and Connor Kennedy? Let’s take a look at other recent red-carpet outfits to see if we can track her thoughts a little more…

Taylor Swift at the MTV Europe Music Awards
Here Swift is at the MTV EMAs in early November, just after her split from Kennedy was made public. She looks super skinny and her edgy dress covers any possible cleavage and sideboob action. So, did her split from Connor stress her out so much she stopped eating? On the other hand, she and Harry were photographed together as early as October 7 at the BBC Teen Awards, so she could be not eating due to new-love butterflies. Or maybe she was just busy with Red promotion.

Taylor at the American Music Awards
A week later, at the American Music Awards, Swift was very ice-dancer cute in this short dress. It’s something a teenager or a 20-something could pull off — but it’s more flirty than seductive. Perfect to catch the eye of a certain boy-band singer.

Taylor Swift ARIAs
This is another example of Taylor looking a little underfed in November — at the ARIAs in Sydney — but also this outfit is very girly, possibly signaling her willingness to stay in the teen market (or market for teens).

Taylor Swift at People's Choice Awards
Last week, after her whirlwind romance with Harry, we saw that sad photo of Taylor leaving their British Virgin Islands vacation alone. Of course, the best way to erase that image from our minds is to flash us some skin at the People’s Choice Awards, right? All of the exes, eat your hearts out.

Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes
Finally, we come to the Golden Globes. Taylor’s gown wasn’t the most exciting we’ve ever seen her wear, but it was quite mature while still flashing an intriguing amount of sideboob. We’re sure she had the chance to attract the attention of some grown-up bachelors at the Beverly Hilton.

What do you think? Is Taylor merely dressing appropriately for the occasion, not for her changing taste in men? Tell us!

[Photos: Getty Images]

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