Jennifer Lawrence’s Fart Rant Vs. Anna Kendrick’s Gosling Tweets: Whose Attitude Do We Love More?


Anna Kendrick Tweets About Masturbating To Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lawrence Talks Farts

If there are any two things we love more than Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Lawrence, it’s having impure thoughts about Ryan Gosling and throwing farts in other people’s faces. Are we right…ladies? Looks like JLaw and AKen conspired this week to bring our many loves together, leaving only one question: whose “real girl” attitude do we love more? “Ugh – NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered “inappropriate,” Kendrick posted to Twitter on Sunday, which also explains why she wasn’t at the Golden Globes. We (along with the rest of the internet ) have taken quite a shine to the Pitch Perfect’ star’s filthy tweet, though we realize now it’s only as good as the rest of Anna’s excellent bon mots. For example: “Thought for the day: If I were going to take a naked picture of myself, I would at least clean my room first.” Anna’s just saying what we’re all thinking, guys!

Meanwhile, the only A-lister who might rival Kendrick for realness would have to be Jennifer Lawrence. “Oh, this is something my brothers did growing up that now the boys at work [her Catching Fire co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin] have picked up and are obsessed with,” the Golden Globe-winning Academy Award nominee told EW. “You cup [your fart] and then you throw it in someone’s face and say ‘Take a bite out of that cheeseburger.’” Take. A Bite. Out. Of. That. Cheesebuger. Delightful.

Just so we’re clear, JLaw not only apparently practices that tradition, she also passed it along to the rest of the Hunger Games cast. Oh, and in case you were interested in Jennifer’s post awards show routine, she says,”The first thing I do when I get off a carpet is take my heels off, rub my makeup everywhere, and basically pick up a garbage can and go ‘Rawwrrrrr!’ and dump it all over my head.” Lord, both Jennifer and Anna are just perfection through and through. We’re sorry we ever made you feel you had to chose between them. It was unfair to you, and unfair to both of them.

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