Les Miserables Stars’ Golden Globe Fashions Leap Ahead In Our Style Points Race


At the Golden Globes Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne take the lead in VH1 Celebrity's Style Points

Now that all the glitter has settled from the Golden Globes, it’s time for us to take a good hard look at how our eight contenders for the VH1 Celebrity Awards Season Style Points Race performed on the red carpet Sunday night. Our panel of judges — Yahoo! Entertainment‘s New York bureau chief Breanne Heldman, MTV Style’s associate editor Maud Deitch, and our own Ambika Muttoo and Sabrina Rojas Weiss — scrutinized their gowns, separates (!) and tuxes and came up with some interesting results. As you can see in our fancypants graph above, Les Miz stars Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried, plus Silver Linings charmer Bradley Cooper fared pretty well; while poor Jessica Chastain earned universal boos. Here our detailed assessments, in from best to worst.

Anne Hathaway
Ambika: +4. “Anyone else in love with that petal-colored lipstick? I’m obsessing over it. I’m also loving this clean, minimal but very sophisticated sartorial direction Anne is heading in. This Chanel with the ever so slight peplum works so well on her.”
Breanne: +3. “This Chanel two-piece number was fabulous and Anne looked great in it. However, she had to know she was inviting pregnancy speculation by not wearing something more form-fitting (but if you look at her previous dresses this season, I’m thinking she won’t be bumpin’ any time soon).”
Maud: +2. “I get this outfit, I do, and think it’s great that she went with something from the Chanel archives, but I just feel like this super structured winter white look is swallowing her whole a little. I get going slim to complement the pixie cut, but something about it just isn’t doing it for me. At all. Her makeup is beautiful though.”
Sabrina: +5. “I am absolutely in love with the shape of this gown. And since it’s looking like it will never snow again in New York, the white sequins are satisfying my yearning for a winter wonderland.”
Average Score:3.5

Eddie Redmayne
Ambika: +4. “This is strange: Bradley Cooper wore a similar tuxedo, but has fewer points that Eddie. That’s simply because Eddie takes more risks — the trousers are tapered just so, the jacket is cut more sharply, the bow-tie is more cheeky. He just has way more swagger than any man on the red carpet right now.”
Breanne: +3. “I call this deja-hot because the man looks as good in a tux as he did last week.”
Maud: 4. “What is there to complain about? Classic.”
Sabrina: +3. “Those are BROWN PANTS, everybody. And for some reason, I like them. I still want someone to point out that he doesn’t need to pose like he’s in a catalog. Stand up straight, Marius!”
Average Score: 3.5

Amanda Seyfried
Ambika: +4. “One of my favorite looks ever on her. After a couple of fashion disappointments, thank you Amanda’s stylist, for putting her in this romantic Givenchy Couture custom gown. Fits like a dream, the lace panels aren’t twee and her hair and makeup are ace.”
Breanne: +1. “I feel such a sense of relief over this look. It’s not perfect — it’s just a little too lacy for my taste and I don’t care for the pin holding her boobs together — but it’s nice to see Amanda Seyfried looking like the gorgeous, glamorous girl she really is.”
Maud: +4. “I LOVE this dress. I mean, how can you go wrong with custom Givency? But the detailing is flawless, that gold detail at the neckline is surprising, and the silhouette is modern and age appropriate and she just looks beautiful.”
Sabrina: +4. “The gold pin at the top looks more like a fix than an accessory to me, but that’s really the only flaw. I’m a sucker for a star dressing in a mood appropriate to her movie’s character — and this is soft and romantic, just like Cosette.”
Average Score: 3.25

Bradley Cooper
Ambika: +2. “Tom Ford classic tuxedo. Brad Cooper. I like this, but it’s not ground-breaking.”
Breanne: +5. “There we go! That’s how a former Sexiest Man Alive is supposed to look at an awards show.”
Maud: 5. “THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT, BRADLEY. Classic tux, a little scruff, swoon city.”
Sabrina: +1. “Not much to complain about, tux-wise. Also not much to rave about, though. And I’ve reached the breaking point on his hair. He may have just walked out of the Hot Tub Time Machine.”
Average Score: 3.25

Kerry Washington
Ambika: +2. “Perhaps I’m just coming off the high of her Django Unlimited tour, but this Miu Miu gown feels a little safe and lackluster on her. Even with the beaded overlay.”
Breanne: +4. “This dress on her was sheer perfection (get it?) from root to fruit. That is how you wear a nude-colored dress.”
Maud: +3. “Oh, Kerry, how I love you. I’m usually really not a fan of an illusion skirt, but this dress is pretty undeniable. The jeweled feather pattern is gorgeous, and the color looks fresh and regal on Washington. Not my favorite of her looks, but still gorgeous.”
Sabrina: +2. “I wish she’d saved that horse print for Sunday night. I love her hair, the gown’s color, and the silver details. I’m just. So. Sick. Of. Sheer.”
Average Score: 2.75

Jennifer Lawrence
Ambika: +4. “Can’t go wrong with a deep orange Dior ball-gown on a gorgeous brunette like Jennifer, can you?”
Breanne: +1 “Everyone has been raving about this dress, but I have a real problem with it. Yes, J.Law looks incredible in red and yes, her hair and makeup are perfect. But why are there crumb-catchers sticking out from her boobs? WHY? Was she planning on munching on Cheetos throughout the ceremony and wanted to make sure the crumbs didn’t go in her lap?”
Maud: +5. “This is my top look of the night. I love how they styled the Dior Haute Couture gown with a metallic belt, and the super constructed, totally weird bustline is amazing. Only a woman as strong and gorgeous as J.Law could wear a dress like this. Most women would totally be worn by a dress this strong. Love.”
Sabrina: 0. “The color is great. But I’m with Breanne on this. That bust looks like something I’m going to have to buy to keep my breast pump in place in a few weeks. Also, can she breathe with that metal band so tight around her waist?”
Average Score: 2.5

Jessica Chastain
Ambika: -3. “I really don’t like the fit of this Calvin Klein on her. I can’t figure out why her team can never get the correct drape of a bodice on her?”
Breanne: +1. “I’m SO conflicted about this dress. I love the color — LOVE it! — and I love the neckline. But the pleats are so distracting and unflattering and the way the top is blousing makes Jessica’s boobs look downright saggy. Tough.”
Maud: 2. “This dress is just swallowing her whole. Why oh why aren’t you showing off how incredibly gorgeous you are, Jessica?”
Sabrina: -3. “So, Jessica. You were really badass in Zero Dark Thirty and made me want to join the CIA. I could watch your face forever. Please continue to star in all the movies. Dress? What dress?”
Average: .75

Emma Stone did not attend the show, so she gets a big fat zero. C’mon, Emma, even if you have nothing to rep this awards season, we want to see you!

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