Amber Rose Takes The Bait: Calls Wiz Her “Husband” For TMZ’s Cameras


There is so much weird going on in this story, guys. First of all, if you watch the video above, apparently the guys behind the camera bought Amber Rose ice cream to tempt her to talk to them — making it feel like she’s a zoo animal they’re tempting to come to the fence to say hi. Not that we’d be able to refuse Ninja Turtles ice cream either. So then, as the eight-months pregnant model accepts their treat, she says, “My husband loves Ninja Turtles!” And immediately TMZ explodes in a round of speculation about when and where Amber and Wiz Khalifa eloped.

Well, maybe they did legally tie the knot — as Hollywood Life points out, Wiz told Hot 97 last year that he and Amber wanted to make things legal before their son was born, but then have a real wedding afterwards, when she can fit into a dress and drink. Or maybe she’s just messing with them. Or maybe using a figure of speech, calling him her husband for fun, particularly in the context of something silly like TMNT.

Either way, we are going to go steal Amber’s wardrobe now. That “Kapow!” dress is way cuter than anything we’ve ever seen in the maternity department. As is this cute dress (and silly hat) she wore at her East Coast baby shower. (Here’s the one from her L.A. shower.)

Amber Rose may have admitted she and Wiz got married

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