No Pressure, But Jennifer Lawrence’s SNL Promos Pretty Much Guarantee A Great Show


We don’t mean to create unrealistic expectations for ourselves or anyone else, but Jennifer Lawrence is going to be amazing as an SNL host this Saturday, right? Like “first time Lindsay Lohan in the Debbie Downer sketch” levels of awesome.? We’re basing this presupposition entirely on her new promos with the soon to be Mr. Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis (they are letting him all the promos now, aren’t they?) for her episode this weekend with The Lumineers. Just the fact JLaw was able to make a Hunger Games archery joke seem fresh almost a year later is a testament to her skill as a performer.

Promos aside, Jennifer has all the ingredients of an excellent host: she’s a great actress, she’s naturally hilarious both in interviews and onstage and she seems like the kind of person who might accidentally swear on live TV , hen laugh maniacally until they cut to commercial. Plus you know they are going to riff on her “I beat Meryl” Golden Globes acceptance speech. It’s like she said that line just so Saturday Night Life could make fun of it! That was so nice of her. So don’t blow this, Lawrence! We don’t want another “Lindsay Lohan the second time”¬†on our hands.

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