Lena Dunham Visits Howard Stern For An Apology, To Become His Best Friend


Lena Dunham Goes On the Howard Stern Show

We’re excited to see what comes out of the new friendship between Howard Stern and Lena Dunham. After all, they love the same things: nudity, jokes, nudity, um, listening to themselves talk? We obviously love listening to them talk to, which is why we are emotional invested in the Girls creator’s visit to the Howard Stern Show today. After Lena repeated Stern’s description of her as a “little fat chick” on Letterman last Friday, Stern apologized for his choice of words. Today, he sooooort of stuck by that when Dunham came in for an interview. “I realize: not only am I addicted, but I totally get you. I’m in love with you and your character,” Stern said of Girls, before adding “It’s not about apologizing, although I want to say I’m a fan of yours … I love you and I think you’re terrific.” We know plenty of little terrific fat girls that we love, so we completely understand where Howard Stern is coming from!

Fortunately Dunham is not the kind of person who gets easily upset. (Of course she isn’t. Have you seen the mean things people write about her on the Internet?) “I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit,” she quipped, to which Howard replied that she’s not “obese or anything.” Luckily for Stern, Lena took it in stride. “I appreciate it and I appreciate your effort to rectify [this], but whether you’d done that or not, I’d have remained a [Howard Stern] enthusiast,” Dunham replied. Either way, we have enough Lena Dunham love to overrde a million “fat girl” comments.

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