Betty White Turns 91 And Is Still The Cutest Person On The Planet! Here Are 25 Pics To Prove It


Betty White Celebrates Her 91st Birthday

Betty White turns 91 years young today, and she is still without question the cutest human being in the known universe, ever, of all time, period, end of story. Don’t believe us? Then just head down to the gallery below and check out our collection of her 25 most adorable photos. Sure there are a zillion cute pics, but if we didn’t cap it at 25 we might be working on it until her 92nd birthday. So 25 it is!

Betty’s a lover of puppies, hot dogs, Christmas, stuffed animals, ┬áromps in the snow and (apparently) shirtless buff dudes. What’s not to love?! This year the world was gifted with a wax statue of everyone’s favorite Golden Girl (sorry Rue), thus giving us twice the sweetness – but nothing compares to the real thing. So here’s to you Betty, and may you be here for another 91 birthdays! And we’d like to take this opportunity to ask if you’d consider adopting our entire editorial department. Please?


[Photo: Getty Images]

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