Beyonce’s GQ Cover Recipe: 1 LB Flour, 2 Cups Cherries, Infinite Sexy


We never cease to be amazed by how photographer Terry Richardson manages to get gorgeous ladies to do the sleaziest things in front of his camera. Compared to some of his models, Beyonce was relatively tame for her “Miss Millenium” cover shoot for GQ, the fruits of which we first saw last week. Judging by the interview Bey gives in the magazine, she keeps a tight control on all things image-related, so she’s not about to put herself in any kind of compromising, Terry Richardson-esque situations. That’s not to say she isn’t hot as hell in it. And as you watch the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot above, you can also tell she had a whole lot of fun romping around in cropped tops and undies, and jumping on the bed with a football to symbolize her Super Bowl Halftime gig.

Beyonce shoots her GQ cover

And then she randomly makes her way to the kitchen and pulls out a bag of flour, pouring it on herself before flinging it around to sprinkle on Richardson. Wha? That’s not a big enough mess, so she grabs a handful of canned cherries and dips her hands in them spilling a lot on the floor. Huh, none of that really goes with her interview, which is largely about her career drive.

“I worked so hard during my childhood to meet this goal: By the time I was 30 years old, I could do what I want,” she tells the magazine. “I’ve reached that. I feel very fortunate to be in that position. But I’ve sacrificed a lot of things, and I’ve worked harder than probably anyone I know, at least in the music industry. So I just have to remind myself that I deserve it.”

I guess if what you want is to make a mess of someone else’s kitchen (we’re assuming), you go for it.

[Photos: GQ]

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