They’re Rebooting Gremlins? Why Don’t They Just Reboot The Bible While They’re At It?


Gremlins Reboot Rumored

If you read our ish on a regular basis, you know we have a very tumultuous relationship with remakes and reboots. We held our tongues when Michael Bay decided to reboot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (No, we didn’t. At all.), but we could not praise the latest Evil Dead trailer enough. The Heathers reboot gave us pause, but then we all but pooped our pants over the Boy Meets World reboot/spin-off/stroke of genius. While we would be intrigued by Ben Affleck‘s plans for The Stand, news of a Gremlins reboot based on the 1984 horror movie is making us want to crawl into a chimney on Christmas Eve and…well…if you’ve seen the movie, you know what happens after that. (What do we mean “if”? You’re alive and have access to movies, don’t you? Of course you’ve seen it!)

According to Vulture, Warner Bros. Pictures is currently negotiating with Steven Spielberg‘s company Amblin Entertainment to create a new, improved race of evil green goblins for today’s horrified children to see at a sleepover. According to their source, a deal “might just actually come off this time” after several rounds of talks in the past. We’re willing to hold out hope that the new Gremlins will be a new Gypsy rather than a new Brady Bunch, but if they touch Gremlins 2, so help us God…

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[Photo: Amblin Entertainment]

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