James Deen Busts Out The Backhanded Compliments For Canyons Costar Lindsay Lohan


James Deen talks about Lindsay Lohan

Whoa, watch out for the backhand on those compliments, boy! You’d think the bad press facing The Canyons star James Deen would be related to his career as a porn star, but this is 2012 and we’re all more mature than that. Mature people can be obsessed with what Lindsay Lohan is like behind the scenes, right? Right. Following in the wake of the New York Times Magazine article This Is What Happens If You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie, Lilo’s leading man decided to clear up some rumors about Lindsay in The Daily Beast. How nice of him! Let’s see what he had to say…

“She has a unique way of communicating. She’s a child star who’s been living in this fame world being chased by paparazzi,” Deen observed in the interview. Okay, that’s not so bad. That’s certainly true about the child star thing. “She’s been conditioned to say what she needs and then someone will bring it to her, so I can see why people would consider her to be a train wreck or a bitch or whatever, but her intentions are fine,” James added. Wait one minute…is he just trying to confirm all those horrible rumors?

Well, surely there must at least be some explanation as to why Lilo allegedly locked herself in a closet right before filming their four-way sex scene. “Because she’s never done a sex scene, so to her, this was a big deal that she was showing her boobs and simulating sex, and seeing everyone so relaxed, she felt like she needed to throw some drama in there and bring attention back to her,” the actor revealed. “It was an escalating event where she tried to make it a big deal—no one cared—she tried to make it a bigger deal—no one cared—so then she just went around the corner of the room.” Wow, if you’re going to get that real, James Deen, then tell us what it was like to have dinner with Lindsay and her mother Dina at Churchill’s Bar this past August in that photo. We’ve been hearing all sorts of rumors, so feel free to try to explain (then accidentally confirm) all of them!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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