Okay, We Changed Our Mind: Wine Might Be Having The Best Week Ever


Throw away every other liquid because wine is having a great week thanks to Drew Barrymore and the brilliant minds behind Wine Straws.

I plan to only drink Pino Grigio from now on, thanks to Drew Barrymore’s newest wine line: Barrymore Wines. Why just Pinot?

“It’s dangerously easy-drinking.”

And that’s how you should want your wine: dangerously easy. More cool things about Drew Barrymore’s new wine line? It “reflects her style and personality: fresh, dynamic and fun.” It also is mean to be consumed while barefoot and wearing a big hat. See Drew:

Even the bottle is free-spirited:

Meanwhile, you won’t need this device for your Barrymore Pinot Grigio, but in case you’re sipping on a different celebrity’s red wine, you should arm yourself with some Wine Straws. Why?

From wine enthusiasts with naturally sensitive teeth, the wine lover who recently underwent professional teeth whitening, to the casual wine drinker who is looking for an economical, preventative solution to maintaining a stain-free smile…

Worried you’ll look foolish? You will! But:

WineStraws have a smaller inner diameter than the average drinking straw so the flow of wine into your mouth is just like sipping it from a glass.

Winos (most likely) need not apply.

Grab your Barrymore Pinot this Friday at 10/9c and head over to VH1 to watch the premiere of Best Week Ever. 

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