Who’s Having The Best Week Ever? (The Movie Edition!)


It’s that time of the week again. Time to choose who is having the Best Week Ever! Come Friday (that’s tomorrow!) you’ll be sitting down to watch the premiere of Best Week Ever, waiting anxiously for the BIG REVEAL. But now’s your chance to vote on who is having the Best Week Ever, and who knows, maybe you’re choice will take the top prize and all of the glory that goes with.

To help sway your votes, we had a couple of the new Best Week Ever cast members weigh in. Here are your options.

Is Mel Gibson having the Best Week Ever?

It should go to Gibson, claims Amanda Seales, who gives the much-aligned actor a nod for being called out by Jodie Foster as her BFF.

By the look on his face, Gibson wasn’t even quite sure why his longtime friend and recent costar Jodie Foster decided to call him out during her speech at the Golden Globes. We’re not sure either, but Foster is definitely fearless. For many things, but mostly that. Since we already awarded Foster the actual Globe, how about giving Gibson the Best Week Ever?


Is Anne Hathaway having the Best Week Ever?

So says Michelle Buteau, who backhandedly gives Anne her nom for Best Week Ever.

Anne’s taken a bit of heat recently for her overly excited ‘tude, but we’re still a little unsure as to why people hate her so much. Is it her giant smile? Julia Roberts has one of those, and she’s America’s Sweetheart! Was it her truly tear-jerking performance in Les Miserables? It’s about time we tell Anne Hathaway what she can do to get back in our good graces. Maybe if she could just have the Best Week Ever


Is Ben Affleck having the Best Week Ever?

I know, I know. We said suggested Ben was having the Best Week Ever last week, but a week has gone by and he STILL seems to be having the Best Week Ever. Affleck’s gorgeous beard took home the Best Director award at the Globes, meaning the Oscars really snubbed him good. At least he can have the Best Week Ever, right?


So, Tell Us:


Want more of the Best News Ever? Tune into Best Week Ever this Friday at 10/9C or how about you set your DVR? We’ve asked you enough times.  
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