Emma Stone Goes For The Sexy Little Girl Look In W Magazine


Emma Stone on the cover of W Magazine

We’re a little bit confused about the purpose of Emma Stone’s cover photo in W. Not that this is the first time the fashion magazine has baffled us by featuring a cover model in no clothing. I mean, that’s a very stylish bra, and I’m sure if I saw the whole leather jacket she has wrapped around her arms, I’d like that too. But mostly, the vibe we’re getting here is “Emma Stone can be a corrupted, sexy little girl, in addition to all the roles you already like her for.” The messy hair and minimal makeup add to that post-coital look. Inside the mag, she’s wearing more clothing that follows in this punk princess theme. And none of this fits either A) the quirky comedian she normally portrays in real life, or B) the mob moll she’s playing in Gangster Squad.

Not that she doesn’t look good, of course. Also, she makes up for this confusion with this quote about her appearance as a presenter at last year’s Oscars. “It was for best visual effects, so Ben [Stiller] and I had all these funny ideas. Planet of the Apes was nominated, so we thought we would bring a chimp onstage and I’d say, “Oh, it looks so real.” And Ben would be like, “It’s a real chimp.” And I’d be insisting, “Oh, my God — the work they do now is so staggering.” And he’d repeat, “It’s a real chimp.” But apparently, you can’t make the Oscar presentation about a particular movie or else the audience thinks you’re swaying the vote toward that movie.”

Any girl who’s disappointed she didn’t get to bring a chimp onstage at the Oscars can do no wrong in our book. Academy, please make her present again this year.

[Photo: W Magazine]

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