Lena Dunham Drinks About A Quarter Of The Haterade, Says Some 58-Year-Olds Wish Her Dead


Oh, celebrities: they’re just like us! Well, maybe not the whole “random people on the internet want them to perish in a fire” part. Joked Lena Dunham on The Daily Show, “You definitely do get the sense that some 58-year-olds wish you dead.” The Girls show creator stopped by last night to discuss her Golden Globes win, and how she cannot stop herself from reading the mean things people say about her online. “I like to say I don’t read anything. That’s my token line, ‘Oh, I don’t read anything,’ but if I’m being honest I read a quarter of things,” Dunham admits. Considering how much buzz has surrounded Girls for the past year, “a quarter of things” could easily translate into “more of the Internet than anyone can read without going completely insane.”

We’re always intrigued by how much feedback celebrities allow themselves to read. Personally, we would go for a total media blackout. Unlike Lena, we wouldn’t have had to go on Howard Stern to talk about being a “little fat chick”‚Ķbecause we never would have known he said it in the first place! “I’m 50, and I’ve been reduced to being in the fetal position under my desk,” Jon Stewart said sympathetically. “I like to say ‘I don’t read anything, you just can’t let it into your artistic process,’ but the fact is what you actually do is read half of it and then sit there, trying to force it out of your artistic process,” revealed Lena. WELL, WHICH IS IT, DUNHAM? Do you read half the stuff written about you or a quarter? We’ve caught her in a lie! Quickly, to the Troll Lair to alert the Blogosphere!

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