Your Week In GIFs: A Wall Of Pop Culture


This week was full of stuff. So much stuff that we bet you missed some. So MUCH stuff, that we bet you need to catch up. Don’t stress, we have just what you need here: A GIF WALL OF CATCH UP featuring the week’s best in rapidly-moving objects from pop’s finest sources.

Confused? Here’s a key:

1. MTV premieres “Buckwild”: A show that is basically every other reality show mixed together.
2. The Golden Globes provided for many, many GIFable moments this year.
3. Betty White is 91 years old, and still America’s Sweetheart.
4. The best movie of this year is already decided and it’s Spring Breakers. Trailer is evidence.
5. BeyoncĂ© is GQ’s Woman of the Millennium, with a photo spread to prove it. [GIFs via]
6. HBO’s GIRLS is back and Lena Dunham is as naked as ever.
7. Soon, we’ll all be seeing Lilo in The Canyons, but for now there are rumors of her being an escort :( [GIFs via]

8. You what else is back this week? BEST WEEK EVER! Shameless GIF promotion, we know, but set your DVRs for stun tonight(!!!!!!!) and we’ll see who is having the Best Week Ever.

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