When Bad Makeup Happens To Good People: Teresa Palmer, Fire Your Stylist, Stat


Teresa Palmer Bad Makeup, Warm Bodies Photocall

So, we’ve been fangirling a fair amount over whatever bits of Warm Bodies we can get. That sentence sounds pervy, but you know we mean the movie, right? Anyhoo, most of out focus has been trained on the film’s star, Nicholas Hoult. For very good reason, because, the now ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lawrence, is nothing short of adorable, even in zombie form. We’d like to shift the focus a tiny bit onto the object of Hoult’s zombie’s affections in the film — Teresa Palmer. Lovely girl, and we’re hoping a fair amount of you have been crushing on the Aussie actress in her past films like I Am Number Four and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. We like her because she seems so darn likeable. Which is why her makeup artist should be given the axe. Nay, they should be thrown out of the industry, period. Why are we being so vicious, you ask? Well … take a look at the pictures above and see why. Would any professional makeup artist worth their salt let a celebrity (or anyone) walk out with that much white powder under their eyes? This was taken at a photo call in London for Warm Bodies and we’re wondering … did no one in her team actually look at her face? It’s just ridiculous. Sorry, Teresa. You didn’t deserve this.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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