Chris Brown Latest Victim Of Swatting Prank Call


Chris Brown Victim Of Swatting Prank

Not funny, people. Especially not funny for the policeman who have to jump into action everytime this happens. It’s so unbelievably callous and disrespectful to them. We’ve mentioned a number of these “swatting” prank incidents before. It’s when someone makes a fake emergency phone call to 911 and gets a team to show up at a celebrity’s home as a joke. They always use some sort of false story to get the police to show up asap, like a case of domestic violence, home invasion or something akin to that. It’s happened before to Miley Cyrus, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber. And now it’s Chris Brown‘s turn! These unknown, idiotic pranksters got the cops to show up at Chris’ Hollywood Hills home yesterday afternoon. TMZ writes that sources told them that the fake story that was fed to the police was that a couple were in a fight and the man had a gun. Obviously the dude hung up after feeding 911 the story, not saying the address was actually Chris Brown’s address. No couple. No fighting. No gun. Just one very confounded housekeeping lot, probably, because Chris wasn’t even home at the time. That’s the whole point of swatting. We’re hoping they catch the guys responsible soon. It’s a massive waste of resources and time.

We’re not even going to discuss any ironic overtones of the fact that the joke was related to domestic violence, and Chris is, well, linked to domestic violence as well. It doesn’t make “swatting” any less of a stupid exercise. Like we said … it’s the police and SWAT teams who end up making all the effort for nothing, and that makes us angry.

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