Prince Harry Let Family Down With Nude Pic? Clearly He’s Forgotten About These 10 Royal Scandals


Prince Harry Apologizes For Nude Photos

“At the end of the day I probably let myself down, I let my family down, I let other people down,” Prince Harry sighed during a recent interview about his nude Las Vegas photos taken last August. To which we say…do you even know your family, Harry? Maybe things were different when Queen Elizabeth II was a girl, but if the last couple decades have taught us anything, it’s that you could barely be considered a British royal without at least one scandal in your back pocket. So don’t worry, Harry! You’re just joining other infamous royal scandals such as…

1) Kate Middleton’s bottomless nudes

Can Harry really feel too bad about everyone seen his nakedness when his new sister-in-law inadvertently showed the world hers while honeymooning in France last September? Kate Middleton obviously had no intention of anyone seeing her sans pants or sans bra, but then again…neither did Harry.

2) Fergie’s toe-sucking incident

Some of you kids might be too young to remember this, but for a while the only Fergie people cared about is not BFFS with Well, maybe she is; we don’t know her personal life anymore, not since Sarah Ferguson divorced Prince Andrew, Duke of York in 1996. Why did they get divorced, you ask? Peep this 1992 photo of a topless Sarah getting her toe-sucked by American financial advisor John Bryan, which was published in Britain’s The Daily Mirror, and you’ll have all the information you need. Luckily, daughters Beatrice and Eugenie thought to distract us with their insane hats during Kate and William‘s wedding, so their scandalous mom never came up during the coverage.

3) Princess Anne and the mistress’s baby

Princess Anne wed Mark Phillips in 1973, meaning they were married for 12 year before he fathered daughter Felicity with New Zealand art teacher Heather Tonkin. Needless to say, things did not really pan out between the royal couple after that, and they split in 1992.

4) Squidgygate

While Princess Diana dealt with a lot of scandal during her lifetime, one of the first eyebrow-raising debacles involved phone conversations between her and friend James Gilbey published by Britain’s The Sun during her marriage to Prince Charles. Did you know he nicknamed her Squidgy? Did you know Princess Diana was miserable in her marriage for a long time? Should we even know that?

5) Prince Charles’ tampon talk

Speaking of embarrassing phone calls, the leaked conversation between Prince Charles and then lover/now wife Camilia Parker Bowles in which he expressed a desire to be reincarnated as her tampon(!) is probably the most embarrassing phone call every made.

6) Princess Diana’s tell-all interview

In 1995, Princess Diana discussed her relationship with Major James Hewitt, Prince Charles’ affair with Camilia and her struggle with disordered eating with Panorama host Martin Bashir. Makes regular ol’ nudity seem downright discreet…

7) Harry’s paternity rumors

Speeeeeeaking of James Hewitt, you might have heard the (totally and completely unsubstantiated) rumors that Diana’s polo playing ex-lover is Harry’s biological father, which is some Kardashian-level ish up in here.

8) Pretty much everything Prince Philip says

Queen Elizabeth’s husband a.k.a. Britain’s dirty grandpa Prince Philip is basically known for his offensive gaffes. For example, he apparently joked with British students at China’s North West University, “If you stay here much longer, you’ll go slit-eyed.” Yeah, we’d rather the world see us naked than hear us say something like that.

9) Harry’s Nazi costume

If Harry’s going to be embarrassed about something, it should probably be this…um…Nazi costume he wore to a costume party in December 2004.

10) The undercover Fergie operation

Not to be outdone (if someone wearing a Nazi outfit could ever be counted as “outdoing” someone else), Fergie was caught in 2010 attempting to sell “access” to her ex-husband and other royals to undercover reporter Mazher Mahmood. Royals: they’re just like the rest of us! Unfortunately, the rest of us happen to be normal people who sometimes act like total idiots.

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