Alexa Vega Tweets Thong Photo, Because How Else Are We Supposed To Know That She’s Hot Now?


You know how The Secret suggests you make a vision board decorated with all your deepest desires so that the Universe will know you want a new dishwasher or a pony or a smaller brain tumor? Twitter is kind of like that, but instead of a cork board, you use the Internet and instead of the Universe, you are telling us. Plus it actually works! Alexa Vega knows what we’re talking about at least, and her wish seems to be “for everyone in America to know I’m hot.” The Machete Kills actress posted a booty shot yesterday, bragging “Cliff jumping in ‪#Maui‬.” While we would personally be worried about all the coral, rock and stuff that could scrape our bare butts, what easier way is there to tell people you are an adult babe than with a thong picture? There is none.

You might recall how the internet blew up when the Spy Kids actress first announced her attractiveness via Twitter photo this past summer. Since then she’s been keeping up her Twitter game, what with her Machete Kills outfit and her Halloween costume and what appears to be a smattering of other photos on Instagram. You put your hotness out into the world, and the world recognizes your hotness. It makes a lot of sense. We should tell Oprah about this. What are we saying? Oprah already knows. Oprah has already been knowing.

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[Photo: Instagram]

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