Kerry Washington’s Krazy Django Gown Gives Her An Edge In Our Awards Season Style Points Race


Kerry Washington leads Style Points awards season race

We’re in a rare down week of awards season, and while most editors are breathing a sigh of relief and/or eyeing the bundled-up fashions of the Sundance stars, we decided to keep going with the VH1 Celebrity Style Points awards season competition. In lieu of an actual event to judge, we had our panel — Yahoo! Entertainment’s New York bureau chief Breanne Heldman, MTV Style’s associate editor Maud Deitch, Glamour online style editor Nikki Ogunnaike, and our own Ambika Muttoo and Sabrina Rojas Weiss — look back at an outfit each of the eight contenders wore to a movie premiere in the past year. Emma Stone, Kerry Washington, Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Eddie Redmayne, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence were delightfully unpredictable at these events, and we love how that shook up the results a bit.

Kerry Washington at the Rome premiere of Django Unchained

Kerry Washington, Rome premiere of Django Unchained
Nikki: +4 “Consider Kerry my newest style crush. She killed it on the Django press tour, and this Peter Pilotto dress was just the beginning. There are so many things going on with this dress that it could be considered a don’t, but I think she pulls it off with aplomb.”
Maud: +3 “While my first reaction was to rub my eyes and say, ‘Wait, what?’ to this dress, I really love the way it fits her. I love how willing she is to step over into the whimsical. That said, it’s wearing her a little bit.”
Breanne: +3 “I know many people hated this dress — it was featured in our ‘What Were They Thinking?!’ column — but I kinda dig it. It’s got such a fun sense of whimsy. We’re so used to seeing Kerry in power suits on TV; I love seeing her be so playful on the red carpet. Love it or hate it, I dare you to name anyone who would be able to pull off this Peter Pilotto number as well.”
Ambika: +2 “This Peter Pilotto is SO cray I begrudgingly like it. It takes cojones to wear something like that, so while it is truly nuts … I applaud her.”
Sabrina: +3 “This looks like a parody of crazy red-carpet style. Which is why I am blown away by how good Kerry looks in it. Don’t try this at home.”

Average score: 3

Amanda Seyfried at the UK premiere of Les Miserables

Amanda Seyfried, London premiere of Les Miserables
Nikki: +2 “Seyfried went the edgy route for the Les Mis premiere in bold ruffles by Balenciaga. Kudos to her for really going for it on the red carpet. If you can’t do it there, where else can you?”
Maud: +3 “The dress fits her well, but it’s so architectural, it kind of looks like she’s wearing a building, or a sculpture, and not in a good way.”
Breanne: +2 “The neckline on this dress is fantastic, but I don’t recall reading anything about Amanda busting into some sweet flamenco moves on the red carpet, so the skirt and semi-Spanish styling are a bit of a fail. If she had danced? +5s across the board! +6 if she used castanets!”
Ambika: +2 “The problem with this Balenciaga flamenco-esque dress is that from some angles it looked cool and architectural, but from others, it looked plain crazy and badly constructed. She gets bonus points for taking it on, and having hair that I would sell my soul for.”
Sabrina: +4 “Maybe I like this more because I used to dance flamenco? J/k. The bust line on this dress is super hot, and I think the whole shape brought out Amanda’s sassy side.”

Average score: 2.6

Jessica Chastain at the LA premiere of Zero Dark Thirty

Jessica Chastain, Los Angeles premiere of Zero Dark Thirty
Nikki: +2 “Blue is Jessica’s go-to color. It complements her alabaster skin and fiery red hair, but I wish she’d branch out and try a new color every once in a while.”
Maud: +3 “Finally a dress that fits! While I’m not wild about this dress on its own, I think it’s a really good direction for Jessica to be going. The color doesn’t do much for me though, it’s way too primary.”
Breanne: +4 “BRAVO! I love everything about this, from her perfect hair to her platformed shoes. She looks fabulous in blue hues, and I actually like the ‘What am I looking at?’ illusion of the top of the dress. And, unlike her Golden Globes mess, the fit is flawless. Yay.
Ambika: +1 “I’m in a good mood today, so I’m going to give her some extras for the gorgeous blue of her Elie Saab dress. I really do not in anyway like those lace panels. They look lingerie-esque and tacky.”
Sabrina: +2 “I’m with Ambika on the lingerie vibe. It detracts from the fact that that color makes her look like a perfect porcelain doll.”

Average score: 2.4

Bradley Cooper at the Toronto premiere of Silver Linings Playbook

Bradley Cooper, Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Silver Linings Playbook
Nikki: +3 “Yes, please! I’m digging Bradley’s blue tie, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. There’s a reason this guy is considered one of the hottest in Hollywood.”
Maud: +4 “While I kind of miss the silly hair in his eyes thing he had going on, the cut of this suit is great.”
Breanne: +1 “Blah. He looks fine. You know, like Bradley Cooper. Nothing special, nothing to complain about.”
Ambika: +3 “FINALLY, some sartorial action for Bradley. This is sharp, but not snooze-worthy on him. I like darker colors on him anyway, even thought the browns and the grays may be more fashionable.”
Sabrina: +1 “Granted, TIFF isn’t really known for its fashion, but I’m bored with this suit. I do like the way the pants fit him though. That sounds way dirtier than I meant.”

Average score: 2.4

Emma Stone at the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man

Emma Stone, Westwood, California, premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man
Nikki: +3 “Is Emma not the most adorable girl or what? The red detailing on her waist makes her look even smaller than she really is while the A-line skirt adds a sweet, twee touch.”
Maud: +4 “I love this look on her. The peek-a-boo crinoline would usually make me nuts, but it really works with the structure of the shoulders. They would look really arch without a little girly detailing. She looks beautiful and young and just cute enough without looking cutesy.”
Breanne: -4 “This dress would be so cute on Elle Fanning. Emma is just too old and cool and interesting for this boring, juvenile number. There’s nothing blockbuster or super-worthy about it.”
Ambika: +3 “Emma makes me like twee looks like this Chanel dress. But she gets bonus points solely for those Christian Louboutin ‘Just Picks’ heels, which I’m lusting over. The dress is saccharine, but Emma pulls it off.”
Sabrina: +4 “This was for a summer movie premiere, so I think the whimsical touch was way more appropriate than it would be at this time of year. I like how she could have stepped out of a Velazquez painting or off a runway. I’m displaying my weakness for all things Spanish today, aren’t I?”

Average score: 2

Eddie Redmayne at the London premiere of Les Miserables

Eddie Redmayne, London premiere of Les Miserables
Nikki: +1 “Blue velvet, huh? There are very few people who could pull off this material, but Eddie might just be one of them. His 5’11 height and broad shoulders definitely help.”
Maud: +2 “I’m obsessed with velvet, and was therefore inclined to give this look a really high score (mostly because that suit makes me want to touch it), but it’s just way too shiny.”
Breanne: +2 “I can’t decide if I love this look or I hate it. Either way, I kind of want to cuddle with it. Eddie can come too.”
Ambika: +2 “I was on board with the blue velvet suit until I got to the brown shoes.”
Sabrina: +3 “Eddie’s rather fearless with his choice of materials, isn’t he? I wish more guys would follow his lead — if only because it would make my job so much more fun.”

Average score: 2

Anne Hathaway London premiere of Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway, London premiere of Les Miserables
Nikki: +4 “When Anne stepped on the red carpet, she basically said, ‘I have ARRIVED!’ Which, hey, she has. The unexpectedly sexy exposed shoulders and white hue of this Givenchy haute couture gown solidified her place on the fashion map.”
Maud: +3 “I think overall she looks beautiful but this dress is a little old for her. The sleeves and neckline are just too dowdy and costumey for me.”
Breanne: -3 “Ugh. The amount I hate the stupid sleeves and shoulders on this dress knows no limit. Also, how did she walk in this thing? It looks like she forgot to have it shortened before she wore it.”
Ambika: +2 “This may be Givenchy Couture — which is she why she got the plus points — but it’s still a glorified nightgown on her. But she got another extra point for giving such good face.”
Sabrina: +1 “Love the gown, hate it on Anne. It gives her an overall droopy effect that makes me hear sad trombone sounds in my head.”

Average score: 1.4

Jennifer Lawrence Toronto premiere of Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence, Toronto premiere of Silver Linings Playbook
Nikki: +2 “Jennifer tends to wear these elaborate and beautiful gowns, but I think she should test drive more flirty, cocktail styles. They would fit her sassy personality (which everyone loves!).”
Maud: +3 “It pains me not to LOVE one of Jennifer’s looks, but whenever she wears her hair like this I just can’t. I like the tie dyed dress, but with that super flat ironed hair it just looks a little too high school for me.”
Breanne: -5 “I love Jen so much (so much! She’s so cool and funny and great!), but I hate this to the extreme. The dress makes me want to vom, the harsh hair and makeup make me sad. It just doesn’t look like her. I’ll take her Golden Globes crumb-catcher boobs over this any day.”
Ambika: +2 “Not my favorite look on her, because we’ve seen far more stunning ones. But this Dior feels a little ‘meh’ to me even though it is by no means a badly styles outfit. You can’t see them in this picture, but she wore a really sexy pair of Dior pumps with the dress though.”
Sabrina: -1 “Whoever told Jennifer to wear her hear like that needs to be placed in a small room with a pack of muttations. I can’t even evaluate the dress because of it.”

Average score: 0.2

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