Daniel Radcliffe, Kill Your Darlings Co-Stars Fess Up To Their Poetry-Writing Days


Between last year’s On the Road and this year’s Sundance flicks Kill Your Darlings and Big Sur, it’s safe to say the Beat Generation is having a moment. The real mystery to us, actually, is why they’re not always having a moment. Because if you were anything like us in high school, you either went through a phase in which you wanted to be Allen Ginsberg,┬áJack Kerouac or William Boroughs, or you dated someone who did. VH1 News found further proof that this is a thing when they interviewed the cast of Kill Your Darlings at its Sundance premiere last weekend.

“I wrote a lot of poetry when I was a teenager,” Daniel Radcliffe, who plays a college-age Allen Ginsberg in the film, confessed. What he likes in particular about Ginsberg in the movie, he said, is,”Everyone’s experienced that massive self-doubt. Howl is a poem written by someone who’s terrified that they can’t write.”

Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan

On the Road and Kill Your Darlings bring back the romance of the Beat Generation

Jack Huston, who plays Jack Kerouac, is still amused by his own poetic youth. “I still find old notebooks where I was try to be sort of profound and prolific and writing these angst-ridden poems as a kid,” he said. “I read On the Road when I was traveling on a Greyhound bus with a friend of mine for six months around America. And I have the book, and in the back of the book I was trying to write in the beat way like Kerouac, which is embarrassing to look at but it still makes me laugh when I see it.”

And Michael C. Hall told us that though he “went through a stage” in which he read all the Beats, he hasn’t outgrown his admiration for their philosophy. “As far as their lifestyle, a desire to break out of whatever mold was weighing them down or that they were obliged to live in accordance with, I admire that very much,” he said. “That appeals to me.”

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