Did Nicole Scherzinger Suffer A Nip-Flashing Wardrobe Malfunction? Maaaaaybe…


Nicole Scherzinger in a sheer dress at the National Television Awards in the U.K.

Ah, how we love the mornings when we find ourselves staring for an hour at a celebrity’s chest and playing “nipple/not nipple.” Today’s subject: Nicole Scherzinger, who wore quite the stunning black William Vintage Ossie Clark dress to the National Television Awards in London on Wednesday night. Like many a black gown before hers, this one turned sheer in the glare of a million camera bulbs. And naturally, many of our fellow gossip sites are calling out “wardrobe malfunction!” But we’re feeling a little contrary. Mostly because we have boobs, and our nipples have no reflective quality the way Nicole’s appear to in this photo, and even in the one below, where the flash is a little dimmer.

Also, look at the size of those things. No, our theory is that she actually did perform the flash test, and donned a pair of nipple covers before stepping out on the red carpet. Unfortunately, those covers are for some reason reflective, so they really didn’t save Nicole any grief.

Well, we know you, dear “readers,” are always hungry for a good wardrobe malfunction. So here’s our old (and ever growing) standard, 41 celebs in see-through outfits:

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[Photos: Getty Images]

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