Is Kate Upton’s New Super Bowl Ad Really Too Sexy For Broadcast? Judge For Yourself!


Kate Upton found herself facing a ban from the small screen last year for her questionably smutty Carl’s Jr. hamburgerĀ ad. And now history is repeating itself as her latest TV spot forĀ Mercedes-Benz is feared too sexy for broadcast during the Super Bowl. Wait, what? Are you serious? What does that even mean!? You guys, this will not stand! Banning a Kate Upton ad for being too sexy? That’s like banning Thin Mints for being too delicious!

The ad in question features a short shorts and tank top clad Upton washing and blowing bubbles at a brand new Mercedes CLA. Oh, in slow motion. We forgot that part. It’s sort of like a really hot lava lamp (is that mean? that sounds mean). We’ve helpfully posted it at the top of the post. Check it out and judge for yourself! And then head on down to the gallery below while you’re at it to relive some of Kate’s steamiest moments!

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