Rihanna Tweets Another Blunt Photo, Which Goes Nicely With These 20 Other Pics Of Her Blazing Up


Rihanna tweets a picture of her smoking a blunt

News flash: Rihanna really likes weed, you guys! Ok, this should come as a surprise to exactly zero people, least of all Lena Dunham. Just yesterday we told you how the Girls star criticed Riri for her stream of pot-themed tweets and Instagrams. So maybe this most recent shot of the singer is especially dedicated to Lena!

We’re not going to get involved with their beef, but Rihanna definitely wasn’t fooling when she went as the Queen of Ganja for Halloween. It’s always 4:20 by Rihanna’s watch. To prove it, we’ve gone ahead and assembled 20 pictures of Ri blazin’ up…from this past year alone!  We’re not going to include those infamous pictures of her at Coachella last year, because we’re still not totally convinced that those aren’t corn chips that she’s eating off that bald dude’s head. But there’s quite a few others in there, from all kinds of occasions. To be fair, some of them could be hand rolled cigs. But it’s just as likely as she and Chris Brown being “just friends”…

[Photo: Instagram]

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