New Clip Of Steve Jobs Biopic Forces Us To Acknowledge Ashton Kutcher’s Acting Ability


We feel like we’re just now waking up from a amnesia-inducing coma, only to discover that our dedicated, loyal husband is none other than Channing Tatum! Except in this scenario, our husband is Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs and our coma was brought on by Ashton’s performance on Two And A Half Men. Does that analogy make any sense at all? We hope so, because what we’re trying to say is the new clip from Kutcher’s upcoming Steve Jobs biopic jOBS suggests that Ashton is bringing it, intensely-ambitious-computer-genius-style.

Between his sitcom day job, The Butterfly Effect and the fact the Steve Jobs movie is named jOBS (which is the worst), we guess we weren’t expecting much from the Kutch. Before you leap all over us to point out that Ashton has actually been pretty great since That ’70s Show, we will admit that we thought both Ashton and Mila Kunis were kind of blah on that late nineties sitcom, and we were wrong on both accounts. Since we were in the minority when it came to Ashton’s performing skills, we’re guessing we’re also in the minority of people who think Josh Gad is kiiiind of hot in costume as Steve Wozniak in that clip? We aren’t? Haha, yeah. We knew it.

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