Who Would YOU Elect To Have The Best Week Ever?


Who is having the Best Week Ever? Last week it was THE FLU, and we hope that you’re cured by now so you can vote on who should be crowned victorious this week.

To help sway your votes, we had a couple of the new Best Week Ever cast members weigh in. Here are your options.

Is President Barack Obama having the Best Week Ever?

I mean, he’s the PRESIDENT. It seems like every week is President Obama’s Best Week Ever, but the fanfare of his second Inauguration Day was so incredible that it seems like this might just be his BEST Week Ever Michael Che certainly thinks so. 


Is Al Roker having the Best Week Ever?

…Or so says Nick Turner. A lot of made Al Roker’s famous “shart” comment, but he stood SO CLOSE to Vice President Joe Biden this week, without sharting, so it seems like it might be his Best Week Ever.


Is Justin Bieber(‘s Butt) having the Best Week Ever?

Justin Bieber (briefly!) posted a picture of his butt crack on Instagram, and if that doesn’t make him a Best Week Ever contender, then call me Pete Lee. Actually don’t, because we already have a Pete Lee and he ALSO thinks that Bieb’s butt is a shoo-in.


Are Aging Boy Bands having the Best Week Ever?

First we had NKOTBSB. Now we have NKOTB98DBIIMEN. Not as catchy, but with THREE TIMES THE STAR POWER, this boyband reunion tour (called “The Package,” hehehehe) is about to hit cities across the country. And it’ll hit them hard. With nostalgia.


So, Tell Us:

Want more of the Best News Ever? Tune into Best Week Ever this Friday at 10/9C or how about you set your DVR? We’ve asked you enough times.  
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