Matt Damon Hosts Jimmy Kimmel Sucks: Our 5 Favorite Zingers


After being “bumped” from Jimmy Kimmel Live “1,205” times for the past 10 years, Matt Damon exacted his revenge on the late-night host by kidnapping him, tying him to a chair and hosting one of our favorite stunt episodes of a talk show ever. Andy Garcia (sporting a hilarious fake accent), Nicole Kidman, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Silverman, “band leader” Sheryl Crow and a very weird-looking Demi Moore all made appearances — thus proving that Matt could get anyone and everyone to visit (not that Kimmel’s ever really had trouble with that). And of course, it turned into a great big roast of the host, who recently got his show moved up an hour to the highly competitive 11:35 p.m. slot. Here are our 5 favorite insults (of many!):

“Kimmel is the Death Star, big and round and easily destroyed through his garbage hole.” Matt Damon, who likewise compared himself to Luke Skywalker

“He’s just, he’s not classy.” — Nicole Kidman on why she’s never been on the show before

Nicole Kidman and Matt Damon make fun of Jimmy Kimmel

“Those are some big old spanks to fill.” — Jennifer Lopez, congratulating Matt remotely

“I was scared to come back. It was the worst experience of my life. … He slipped me the tongue.” — Amy Adams on returning to the show after her 2011 visit

“Why did I put this inside me?” — Sarah Silverman, comparing her five years of dating Kimmel to the regret you have after eating street hot dogs

Bonus insult: Demi Moore accused Jimmy of trying to pass DiGiorno pizzas as his own homemade cooking when he invited her over to dinner. But speaking of Moore, we just need to point out … wow, her face looks … different.

[Photos: ABC]

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