“I’m Just So Thrilled I Have Dental”: The 15 Best Quotes From Tonight’s SAG Awards


Tonight’s Screen Actors Guild Awards were not as tipsy-casual as the Golden Globes nor as formal as the Oscars almost certainly will be, but they were still chock full of funny, touching quotes from everyone from Amy Poehler to Tina Fey to Dick Van Dyke. And while it technically was not “out loud” and therefore does not count as a quote, did everyone see Bryan Cranston‘s adorable daughter mouth “I love you, Dad” while he was onstage? After we finished dying over how cute that was, we rounded up all our favorite bon mots from tonight’s ceremony for your reading pleasure:

Anne Hathaway And Hugh Jackman Present At The SAG Awards

1) “I was cast in my first movie at 12 years old in the role of Chevy Chase‘s niece. Today, I would play his wife. In two years, I will play his mother. I’m Jane Krakowski and I’m an actor.”

2) “My father warned me that if I did anything artistic, I would look like a hooker. I told him, ‘With these huge boobs I inherited from your mother, I already look like a hooker.’ I’m Sofia Vergara, and I’m an actor.”

3) “I’m just so thrilled I have dental.” Anne Hathaway, accepting her Best Female Actor In A Supporting Role award

4) “I wonder what it’s like to act on a show that makes people laugh versus a show that makes people really tense.” Homeland‘s Damien Lewis

5) “I share this with my sweet friend Amy Poehler, who I have known so long…..Amy, I’ve known you since you were pregnant with Lena Dunham.” Tina Fey, accepting her Outstanding Female Actor in a Comedy Series award

6) “Our finale is on this Thursday at 8:00 up against The Big Bang Theory. Just tape The Big Bang theory for once, for crying out loud!” Tina Fey

7) “If we can absorb any of you into our cast, if you need jobs…” Jesse Tyler Ferguson to the casts of 30 Rock and The Office while accepting Modern Family‘s Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series award.

8) “Wolverine is getting chased by Gladiator, Catwoman gets knocked up and for some ungodly reason gives her baby to Bellatrix Lastrange and Borat. Wolverine agrees to raise Catwoman’s baby and she grows up to star in Mama Mia!” Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway describing the plot of Les Miserables, 2013-style.

9) “I’ve knocked around in this industry for 70 years and I’m still not sure what it is that I do.” Dick Van Dyke being adorable while accepting his Lifetime Achievement award

10) “I’m world famous for my cockney accent.” Dick Van Dyke

11) “Swordplay. Midnight. Bastard. Mustard. Murder. Sandwich.” Neil Patrick Harris and Amy Poehler dramatically presenting the Outstanding Male Actor In A Drama Series Award

12) “For tonight at least, I’m well endowed.” Bryan Cranston, hoisting his Outstanding Male Actor In A Drama Series award for Breaking Bad

13) “We were not expecting this! Shut the French windows!” Downton Abbey‘s Phyllis Logan accepting their Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series award

14) “Now I have this naked statue, which means some of you voted for me, which is an indescribable feeling.” Jennifer Lawrence accepting her award for Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role award

15) “It occurred to me that it was an actor who murdered Abraham Lincoln, and it seems only fitting and every once and a while an actor tries to bring him back to life.” Daniel Day-Lewis, accepting his Outstanding Male Actor in a Leading Role award

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