Which Is Worse: An Arnold Schwarzenegger Sex Pic Or Bam Margera Drinking His Own Pee?


Bam Margera Urine Drinking Video Pulled From YouTube; Arnold Schwarzenegger Sex Pic Found

Hey, remember those two things you hoped to God you would never have to see? Well, it turns out they both exist and could at any point surface on the Internet. They’re like Internet Jaws: you never know when they’re going to strike! First of this evening’s nightmares is a nude vintage sex photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger that surfaced in Penthouse founder Bob Guiccione‘s storage locker, a locker which we’re betting smells so, so, so gross. The New York Post reports that the pic involved the former governor “performing a sex act,” a description we find terrifying in its vagueness. There’s no word as to whether the storage unit’s new owner plans to publish the image, but considering he bought Bob Guccione’s storage unit after the famed pornographer went bankrupt, we’re assuming it’s only a matter of time until we know even more about a man we know way too much about…

Meanwhile, in another corner of our terror mind, MTV star Bam Margera posted a music video to YouTube in which he (in the absolutely disgusting words of TMZ) can be seen getting a “drink from his own yellow fountain.” The clip also contained nudity and filthy lyrics, so as a YouTube rep explained, “The video was taken down because of the content. It was flagged by users and a policy team believed it contained too much sexuality per our terms of use.” Ugh, just reading about these two abominations makes us want to flag our eyes! (“Flag” is where you wrap a flag so tightly around your head that you can never see anything again, especially a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger and a pee-drinking Bam Margera, right?)

[Photo: Getty Images]

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