Is This Justin Bieber Fan-Groping Pic For Real?


Justin Bieber looks like he's feeling up a fan in a photo making the rounds today

Sorry, folks, our lawyers won’t let us post the actual photo in question here, but you know how to click links, so hop over to ONTD for a second and come back here to discuss what the heck is going on with Justin Bieber and his roaming hands. Or not. According to Gawker, this photo was originally posted on Bieber’s fan site and was taken at a fan meet and greet. He may have accidentally grabbed her boob as he was going in for a hug, she may have asked him to grab her boob and he obliged, OR he may have taken a cheap feel because he’s Justin Bieber. Or there’s also option 4: This is another faked photo in a grand tradition of faked Bieber photos.

Update: OK, so Jocelynn, the supposed subject of the supposed groping is on Twitter, and told her followers that Bieber never touched her boob, that it just looks like that in the photo.

Still, we maintain that this could all be a big fake. It’s happened before. Last week, a photo of Biebs holding hands with Kylie Jenner was proved to be a doctored old pic of him and Selena Gomez. There was the prank he pulled last year, in advance of his “Beauty and the Beat” video, in which he claimed a laptop had been stolen and released a suspicious nude pic.

But then there are the photos we’re still not sure about: Remember years ago, when this pic of him supposedly kissing a girl backstage came up, and we universally cried out, “That’s no Bieber!” But it was never proved, either way. And, whether he wanted to or not, Biebs was never going to getting out of those pics of him smoking pot. So, yeah, we remain on the fence here.

What do you think is going on?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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