How Did Jess And Nick’s First Kiss On New Girl Stack Up To These 10 Monumental TV First Kisses?


Nick and Jess kiss on New Girl
We’ve been on our death bed all day, trying to recover from Nick and Jess’s first kiss on New Girl last night. Could that kiss have been any better? On one hand, dear God, no. The heavy breathing? The two small kisses at the end? We aren’t made of stone here, people! On the other hand, there is nothing more gratifying than a long-awaited TV kiss, and there have been a number of shows who absolutely killed it. How do Nick and Jess compare to, say, a Sam and Diane? A Damon and Elena? A Pam and Jim? Using our totally objective (read: highly personal) opinions, let’s see how their first smooch stacked up to the epic TV first kisses that came before:

10) Damon and Elena, Vampire Diaries

Want to turn up the intensity of a first kiss? Make it a death bed kiss, like Damon and Elena’s! When a man says “I deserve to die,” how can you say no to that? (Note: yes, we know Damon kisses Elena on her forehead earlier in the series, but come on. Come on.)

How do Nick and Jess measure up? Apples and oranges. You simply cannot compare a sweaty, devastating kiss and an adorable, thrilling friend kiss.

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