Lindsay Lohan Runs Out Of Excuses, But Will She Make Her Court Date?


Lindsay Lohan Flies Desperately To L.A. To Make Court Date

HEY, L.A. — are you ready for Lindsay Lohan? Because she sure as hell wasn’t ready for you. Seriously, if L.L. had her way, she’d still be in New York, shopping in SoHo while pretending to be sick with the ‘flu. L.L was supposed to be in L.A. to make a court date today, ¬†and we’re losing count of the reasons why — we’re guessing this was for her car accident last year. But the wacktress tried to wiggle out of making her court appearance, as did her new lawyer, Mark Heller, by submitting a doctor’s note saying Lindz was too ill to fly with an “upper respiratory infection.” We would have been inclined to somewhat believe her had she not been photographed on her shopping spree, smoking, the very same day. Basically, it’s “my dog ate my homework.”

Anyhoo, the judge would have none of it, and TMZ gave L.L. a heads-up that she would be arrested if she wouldn’t show. So the end result is, the photograph you see above is of Lindsay at JFK about to fly American Airlines first class to L.A. to make that court date. Now, will she make the morning call time? Will there be a tyre puncture? Or getting locked in her bathroom? Or some other excuse? We’ll have to wait and see this A.M. Her new lawyer hasn’t even been approved by the judge yet to represent Lindsay, so there’s a lot that could go wrong today.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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