Today’s Challenge: Guess The Plot To The Recently Greenlit Entourage Movie With Emoji


My clever friend and fellow Entourage enthusiast (Is there a messageboard for us somewhere?) Pauline texted me this afternoon with a clever idea for a game to celebrate the recent news that the HBO show is heading for the SILVER SCREEN.

The game? Guess Entourage: The Movie‘s plotline using just the emoji in your phone. Here was Pauline’s initial submission and then my additional suggestion:


And how about the World Famous Entourage theme song (aka “OH YEAH OHHH YEAHHH”)?

Pauline has an option:

(There is sadly no emoji for “Superhero”.)

Got suggestions for Emoji Entourage (coming to iPhone 5s near you?) SHARE THEM! Who knows, they’ll probably end up using them.