How Does Games Of Thrones Actor Jason Momoa Stay In Shape? The Answer’s … Surprising


Anyone who’s played Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones and Conan in Conan The Barbarian in one lifetime has to deal with the fact that they have to stay ridiculously ripped forever. Because Drogo or Conan can’t be seen with a beer gut, period. That would break too many hearts. Luckily, the actor to who those roles were bequeathed to, Jason Momoa, seems to be perma-fit. Confession: we used to watch him in Baywatch: Hawaii. In fact, he was the only reason why we watched that show. Naturally, people are curious as to how he stays so buff all the time, because that man was born to be shirtless (sorry, Taylor Lautner.) TMZ found him outside a hotel and peppered him with questions, about his new, shorter, hair for instance. His wry reply was, “I lost a bet.” Then came the workout questions. Does he do cross-fit? Does he lift heavy weights? The response was in the negative to all of them. He finally answered with the best celebrity response we’ve heard in a very long time. Jason Momoa says the secret to his exercise regime is, “I f— a lot.” He said that — on camera. If you don’t believe us, you can see it for yourself in the video above. But wear headphones if you’re at work because naturally, it’s NSFW!

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